New paper published in the Journal of Affective Disorders

We have recently had a paper accepted in the Journal of Affective Disorders reporting the findings of a study in which we explored opportunities to engage in positive activities during the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspectives of individuals with mood disorders in our BDRN sample. Overall nearly two thirds (62 %) of the sample reported that the pandemic had led to at least some positive changes in their life which benefitted their mental health, with just over half (53 %) reporting that a slower pace of life was a positive change and over one third reporting positive benefits of having more time at home (44 %), having more time to reflect (41 %) and spending more time outdoors (34 %). A number of individuals specifically reported social support as facilitating implementing coping strategies. Identifying potential facilitators to maintaining mental health have wider applicability and may help to inform future evidence-based psychoeducation and self-management programmes for mood disorders. We would like to thank all BDRN participants who contributed this study and for their ongoing support.