Bipolar disorder research

While over 7000 individuals in the UK with bipolar disorder have now taken part and continue to help with our ongoing work through the network, we would like to speak to as many individuals as we can to gain the best possible understanding of bipolar disorder and its causes.

We would be extremely grateful to hear from anyone who has bipolar disorder or a related mood disorder (such as schizoaffective disorder or postpartum psychosis) who may be interested in helping with our research.

Taking part in our research involves a brief interview over the phone or via video call, at a time convenient for you to ask about your experiences and the kinds of symptoms you have had in the past. Following the interview, you will also be invited to complete an optional questionnaire pack.

If you would like further information about taking part, please get in touch using the ‘contact us’ box on this page or by emailing us at  


True Colours

Over 1200 individuals with bipolar disorder in the UK have taken part in our research initiative True Colours, answering weekly questions online about their mood and other factors known to play a role in the condition including sleep and activity levels.

The True Colours tool was originally designed by colleagues at the University of Oxford for use in a clinical setting and is helping our research group learn more about how mood symptoms change over time in individuals with bipolar disorder and how they are affected by changes in routines, sleep and medications.

To date, the data from True Colours has enabled research into the complex interplay between sleep and mood and led to the first large-scale UK study comparing mental health prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic among individuals with bipolar disorder. For further details about the findings of our True Colours research please visit our News and Publications sections. This research wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our many BDRN supporters.