True Colours

True Colours

Over 1200 individuals with bipolar disorder in the UK are taking part in our research initiative True Colours, answering weekly questions online about their mood and other factors known to play a role in the condition including sleep and activity levels.

What is True Colours

The True Colours tool was originally designed by colleagues at the University of Oxford for use in a clinical setting and is helping our research group learn more about how mood symptoms change over time in individuals with bipolar disorder and how they are affected by changes in routines, sleep and medications.

What are the benefits of joining True Colours?

You may find monitoring your own mood via True Colours helpful. You will be able to access the data you submit and see a graph tracking your mood scores over time. 

How does True Colours work?

  • Each week you receive a prompt to fill in two short questionnaires.
  • You complete one questionnaire about depression symptoms and one about mania symptoms.
  • Your scores are logged on a graph which keeps a track of your mood scores over time.

“In a whole host of ways this has proved to be a godsend. The regularity with which the prompt email arrives – infallibly each Monday, before noon – acts as a support, and indeed comfort, at times when illness seems to bring only  irregularity and uncertainty.” 
Ben W,  True Colours participant

This ongoing large project wouldn’t be possible without the help of our many BDRN supporters especially our BDRN Research Champions who have shared their experiences  of using True Colours.

To learn more about True Colours and see how easy and straightforward the tool is to use, please view our short video below.

BDRN is pleased to be able to offer True Colours to all BDRN participants and individuals with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and related mood disorders living in the UK.

Please get in touch using the contacts form if you would like further information.