Websites and Books


Bipolar UK

Bipolar UK is a national charity dedicated to supporting individuals who have bipolar disorder, their families and carers. 

Royal College of Psychiatrists

The Royal College of Psychiatrists provides a range of readable, user-friendly and evidence-based information on mental health problems, treatments and other topics, written by psychiatrists with help from patients and carers.

Action on Postpartum Psychosis (APP)

APP is a national charity for women and families affected by postpartum psychosis. 


Tommy’s is a leading national UK charity, aimed at supporting women and their families through pregnancy. Produced in collaboration with researchers and clinicians, a range of helpful resources are available to women with bipolar disorder who are pregnant or may be planning pregnancy.


Mind provides advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem. 


Rethink Mental Illness is a national charity aiming to improve the lives of people severely affected by mental illness. 

Young Minds

The UK’s leading charity aimed at improving the emotional well-being and mental health of children and young people.

National Centre for Mental Health (NCMH)

NCMH has produced a library of free mental health leaflets to help individuals, families and carers to learn more about a range of mental health conditions. The leaflets have been produced in association with researchers and clinicians to ensure the information is accurate and reliable.


Bipolar Disorder — The Ultimate Guide (2nd edition revised) by Sarah Owen and Amanda Saunders (2019)

Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide: what you and your family need to know by David Miklowitz (2019) 

Bipolar Disorder: The Essential Guide by Robert Duffy (2018), Need-2-Know 

Bipolar Workbook: Tools for Controlling your Mood Swings by Monica Ramirez-Busco (2015) 

The Bipolar Disorder Workbook: Powerful tools and practical resources for BD-II and Cyclothymia by Peter Forster and Gina Gregory (2018) 

Become Your Own Bipolar Life Coach by Wendy Lavin (2012)

Family Experiences of Bipolar Disorder: The Ups, The Downs and the Bits In Between by Cara Aiken (2010)