Sharing our research on physical activity in bipolar disorder

In April, one of our PhD research students Gemma McCullough travelled to Dundee in Scotland to present her early research findings on physical activity in bipolar disorder at the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science annual student conference. Gemma said ‘the conference was an amazing opportunity for me to present my research to a knowledgeable and encouraging audience. I was very excited to share some preliminary findings from my research. At the conference, I outlined some participants’ experiences of struggling to maintain balance in relation to mood and physical activity, and in particular, the importance of choosing the right form of physical activity depending on mood. I also described how some participants had said they used exercise for multiple purposes, such as mood regulation, socialising, and to stay fit and healthy. The presentation was well received, and attendees seemed really interested to learn more about bipolar disorder. I thoroughly enjoyed travelling back to Scotland and getting back in touch with my Scottish roots. I would like to say thank you to all BDRN participants who took part in this research, and I look forward to updating you all with my final results.’