Migraine, epilepsy and bipolar disorder

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Sarah is researching links between migraine, epilepsy and bipolar

It is known that some people with bipolar disorder can also experience migraine, epilepsy and seizures; or both, but the reason for this is not known.

Sarah Knott began her PhD study in October 2012 with the aim of investigating the relationship between bipolar disorder, migraine and epilepsy. Sarah is assessing the prevalence of migraine and epilepsy in individuals with bipolar disorder, as well as looking at the impact of these disorders on the course of bipolar illness. This research has the potential to increase our understanding of the relationship between these disorders and so will have implications for both research and clinical practice.

Sarah’s work has involved using some of the data collected through the BDRN interview and questionnaire packs. Sarah is currently collecting further data through telephone interviews and would like to say a big thank you to all those who have contributed to the study, for making this research possible.

We will keep you updated with the progress of Sarah’s PhD study in the future, and will share our findings once all the data have been collected.