BDRN True Colours data – analysis of impact of COVID-19 pandemic on individuals with mood disorders

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic hundreds of BDRN participants have continued to provide weekly mood ratings using the BDRN True Colours weekly online mood monitoring tool.  We are now analysing the data which will provide a unique and detailed picture of mood changes over time among individuals with mood disorders during the pandemic. We will also be able to compare mood scores during the pandemic with those in the weeks and months before lockdown, which the majority of published studies to date have not been able to do.

Around 200 participants have also selected to complete additional weekly questions specifically concerned with COVID-19. In particular, individuals have chosen to monitor how worried or anxious they have been feeling and how their usual coping strategies have been impacted over time by the pandemic and the uncertainties we are facing coming out of lockdown. We will analyse these responses in relation to individuals’ mood scores in an attempt to tease out any aspects of the pandemic that appear to have contributed to changes in mood.

We look forward to updating the findings here very soon.

If you would be interested in joining True Colours mood monitoring or have any questions about our research please do not hesitate to get in touch. As always we would be delighted to hear from you: