BDRN team keeping in touch despite physical distancing

Our university campuses are closed but the BDRN team has managed to carry on working throughout the pandemic…thanks to email, phone and video-conferencing.  Like so many others we have been working remotely for 3 months now, which continues to be successful despite the challenges.  We all meet together via video at least once every week, and often many more times in a week.  We have found this to be really important as we are a close-knit team and we miss seeing each other.  It’s great to see each other’s faces and catch up with everyone’s news, as well as getting plenty of work done too (of course!).  An added bonus is getting to meet our colleagues’ children and pets when they decide to make unexpected appearances on our video calls.

We hope all BDRN members are keeping safe and well.  Please do continue to get in touch with us.  We don’t currently have access to our telephone line or postal mail but we are available via the ‘Contact Us’ box on this page or via direct email:

Karan, Lisa, Kath and Amy at a weekly Zoom meeting.