BDRN presents at ‘Relaunching Perinatal Mental Health’ event in Worcestershire

At the end of April 2019, Professor Ian Jones and Amy Perry were thrilled to be invited to present our research into bipolar disorder, pregnancy and childbirth at the ‘Relaunching Perinatal Mental Health’ event organised by the Perinatal Psychiatry Team at Worcestershire Health and Social Care NHS Trust. The aim of the event, held at Worcestershire County Cricket club, was to further increase awareness of mental health issues that can arise during pregnancy or after birth and how and where women needing additional support can seek specialist advice. The event was very well attended by clinicians from a range of disciplines including health visitors, midwives, pharmacists and general practitioners. Amy said ‘It was a fantastic opportunity to highlight the work that we are doing into perinatal mental health at BDRN and raise awareness of some of the challenges women with bipolar disorder may face during pregnancy or after having a baby’.

Professor Ian Jones discussing our research into postpartum psychosis