World Bipolar Day 2023: BDRN Research Champion Julia Savage thanks Frank Bruno for breaking down the stigma of bipolar disorder

Aged 18, I was admitted to a psychiatric ward, feeling frightened and confused.  The stigma was so great that I felt embarrassed and ashamed.  My confidence was broken.  I didn’t admit to anyone I had bipolar disorder.  Years later, whilst I was recovering again in hospital, the national newspapers reported that Frank Bruno was fighting his own battles with bipolar disorder.  I had been a fan of Frank Bruno for years. I was full of admiration for his courage and honesty in speaking about his own experiences.  As someone with a high profile and a strong voice, Frank became a great ambassador for mental health (particularly bipolar disorder).   Recently, I had the privilege to meet Frank and thanked him for breaking down the stigma around this condition.  It changed my own outlook and I grew in confidence talking about living with bipolar disorder to others.  Thank you Frank for your inspiration, I can now celebrate World Bipolar Day with pride.

BDRN Research Champion Julia Savage meeting Frank Bruno