Presenting our research on physical activity and mood to the Midlands Partnership NHS Trust

In July 2019, one of our PhD research students, Gemma McCullough, delivered a seminar on her early research findings on physical activity and mood in bipolar disorder to clinical staff at the Midlands Partnership Trust in Stafford. The seminar was very well attended by staff from various specialties, including mental health nurses, psychiatrists and physiotherapists.

Gemma presented data from BDRN participants who were interviewed about their experiences of physical activity to demonstrate how physical activity could be perceived to be helpful for depression, but perhaps unhelpful for mania. Gemma also shared some examples of the results she gathered from a study which used activity monitors and mood diaries to try and understand more about the relationship between mood and physical activity. We were delighted to be able to thank Midlands Partnership Trust for their ongoing fantastic help with recruiting people to join BDRN, and to share some of our findings with members of the Trust. Once again, a massive thank you to all BDRN participants who took part in either or both of these studies.

Photographs of Gemma McCullough presenting her research to Midlands Partnership NHS Trust