BDRN PhD student presents research on illness perceptions in bipolar disorder to the Midlands Partnership NHS Trust

In December 2019, one of our PhD research students, Kim Caldwell delivered a seminar at the Midlands Partnership Trust in Stafford, where she presented some of her research findings on illness perceptions in bipolar disorder. The seminar was very well attended by clinical staff from various specialities, and Kim was delighted to have the opportunity to share some of her findings and thank the Trust for their ongoing support of helping to recruit people to BDRN.

Kim Caldwell delivering a seminar at the Midlands Partnership Trust in Stafford

Kim presented data from BDRN participants who were interviewed about their beliefs about bipolar disorder and the ways in which they cope with different mood episodes. Kim shared some anonymised quotes from BDRN participants and talked about some of the clinical implications of her research in understanding how beliefs about bipolar disorder may be related to important differences in coping.

Kim would like to thank all BDRN participants who took part in her research and is looking forward to updating you with some of her findings soon.