BDRN members present to the Worcestershire Health and Care Trust

In April 2019, two of our BDRN members Amy Perry and Gemma McCullough visited the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bromsgrove to present their research to members of the NHS Worcestershire Health and Care Trust. Amy presented research findings from the BDRN pregnancy study which is following women living with bipolar disorder across different stages of pregnancy to try to better understand what may influence the likelihood of women experiencing a mood episode during pregnancy or shortly after birth. Gemma then presented early research findings on physical activity and mood symptoms in bipolar disorder, using interview quotes from participants to show members of the trust how some people had described physical activity as being both helpful and unhelpful for managing mood. The presentations generated some interesting discussions about research practices, and the event was a fantastic opportunity for different members of the trust and the University of Worcester to meet each other and to share ongoing research.

Gemma and Amy presenting to the Worcestershire Health and Care Trust
(left – Gemma, right – Amy)